Changing Islamic Finance

  The growth of the global Islamic finance industry has created the need to review and implement change in a few key areas. One of these is the much debated topic of availability of competent talent and jobs for these talents. Today the industry is in critical need of connecting the dots between itself, academia and students to […]

Is the Islamic Economy for People?

It’s amazing how little we actually focus on ‘people’ in business in spite of the fact that it is people who make everything happen. An organisation exists because of its staff, partners, customers and other stakeholders, i.e. people. The value proposition of any organisation and any industry, for that matter, is totally dependent on the people involved. […]

The Ramadan Legacy Project

In business there are times when one comes across a brilliant idea and one is left wondering why didn’t I think of that! A small talented group of young Muslims driven by their beliefs have developed a Ramadan Action Plan.  With a vision of creating innovative ways that Muslims can experience Islam this group has brought some very […]

Marketing today is all about people

The marketing function has undergone tremendous changes in the past decade. Today marketing involves technology, engagement and most importantly creating and delivering an authentic brand experience from the employees’ and consumers’ perspective. Brand value as an asset, in monetary terms , is now fully dependent on this brand experience. A Forbes article– ‘Are today’s CMO’s tomorrow’s CEO’s?’ aptly […]

Does the Islamic Finance industry need talent development or not?

More and more educational institutions, around the world, are offering degree & certificate programs and diplomas in Islamic Finance and banking.  The Global Islamic Finance Education Report   was the first attempt in having a concrete collection of the various academic programmes available globally.  The fact that more and more people are undertaking the required academic educations […]