I Invested In My Passion

2018, by any means, has been one of my toughest years. Yet in retrospect as I look back, I discovered three benefits, that had I continued on the path I was, I would not have found. That’s where investing in your passion comes in. Before we get into that let’s clarify a bit about money. […]

Fill My Cup

On Dec 6th, 2018 I was invited to the ‘Fill My Cup’ series of talks that focus on personal sharing by people from various walks of life. This is initiated and hosted by the Life Skills development team, headed by Jagmohan Singh, of Taylor’s University Malaysia. I shared about the man behind the name– Joy Abdullah™. The […]

Have A Relationship At Work

Is love important at work? I’m not talking about office romance! With 8 hours of the day at work + a couple of hours (at the minimum) in commuting time + approximately 6 hours of sleep = leaves us just with 8 hours with family if we include our personal hygiene and me-time! Do you […]

Why You Should Have A Conversation

Conversations create experiences that stimulate our emotions and drive our behavior. It’s a way of communicating and it results in creating both an impression and a perception. We’ve all heard of the saying first impressions matter well so do the perceptions that are created. In fact perceptions impact on creating the impression which in turn affects preference. So […]

10 Tips on How To Create A Profitable Brand Experience

Every business category is facing disruption and change in some way. Doing what we used to do no longer works. The only way to achieve growth is to do things differently. Yet we are so scared of trying new things! And without a new way of doing something, we can’t have a different result.  In this volatile, ever-changing business environment […]

Use Your Training And Development To Create Your Competitive Advantage

Post by Joy Abdullah In the VUCA  business environment competitive edge for an organization comes from its people and its culture.  The former is at the core of success an organization can achieve. In the usual for-profit organizations, where profitability is the end objective of all activities, learning is often lost in the daily rush of what […]

Even a business needs TLC

Conversations make businesses earn social capital and get them to be sustainable.