Is the Islamic Economy for People?

It’s amazing how little we actually focus on ‘people’ in business in spite of the fact that it is people who make everything happen. An organisation exists because of its staff, partners, customers and other stakeholders, i.e. people. The value proposition of any organisation and any industry, for that matter, is totally dependent on the people involved. […]

The Ramadan Legacy Project

In business there are times when one comes across a brilliant idea and one is left wondering why didn’t I think of that! A small talented group of young Muslims driven by their beliefs have developed a Ramadan Action Plan.  With a vision of creating innovative ways that Muslims can experience Islam this group has brought some very […]

People first if you want to drive organic growth

Whilst Islamic finance is in growth mode it’s sad to note that Islamic banking only caters to 38 million of the total global Muslim population. That too this number is spread over 7 countries only! Is there something lacking? Given the significant changes in consumer behaviour, as the effect from the financial crises & recession […]

Can Islamic finance be people centric?

Islamic finance is part of the Islamic economy. The state of the global Islamic economy report details each of these sectors, the correlation within the sectors and highlights the increasing need for the current silo approach, between the sectors, to be eradicated. The report highlights the challenges that face the growth and development of the […]

Profit or Relationships?

  Relationship marketing has been around (in brand marketing) for some time. Technology has aided in enabling huge progress in developing customized brand offers and providing rewarding brand experiences. Is there a lesson in this for the individual as well as the organisation? As a marketer who’s a Muslim, I look at Islamic financial services […]

Leadership is Clarity of Identity, Confidence and Ability

A month ago I had a very interesting chat with Muath Mubarak  on what it would take for the Islamic economy to be sustainable, challenges for the Islamic finance industry and the importance of leadership & communication in doing business in the Islamic economy.   Here’s the interview: