This is Joy



I help CEOs take marketing decisions which create sustainable profits.

With every industry being disrupted and change the only constant, a business needs to provide a relevant, engaging and unique brand experience, that gives value, to generate financial growth.

I create marketing solutions, through strategic planning and brand experience, that delivers what CEOs want—
sustainable profits.

I use conversations to bring out relevant and meaningful brand experience by:
➡️DESCRIBING a meaningful & relevant brand experience
➡️DEEPENING the reach of the brand experience
➡️GROWING financial value by increasing revenue

And help you create sustainable growth.

I have a unique set of international experience in marketing and business strategy across categories that resulted in being recognized as one of ‘Malaysia’s 10 Most Engaged Marketing Folks on LinkedIn’ in 2015. In my last corporate role I have:

1️⃣ created 6% revenue growth from negative earnings
2️⃣ established a brand presence in 82 countries in 3 years through digital marketing
3️⃣ generated 57% increase in enquiries and 37% increase in engagement in one year

With senior roles in global advertising agencies in India and Malaysia, managing diverse brands through multi-disciplinary teams at local & regional levels and running agency relationships and P&L focused units, and having worked in leadership roles in management consulting and higher education sectors, in Malaysia, facilitating 360⁰ brand sustainability I have been responsible for:

  • strategic marketing
  • consumer insights
  • branding, communications
  • global marketing & international collaborations
  • digital marketing
  • business strategy
  • budgeting & finance
  • business development

What this means, for your business, is that I bring a proven ability in developing unique marketing solutions that enable companies to do good for their communities. Through that increase reputational and financial value that aids in creating brand growth.

Clients value my ability in influencing teams, taking ownership of strategy and creating advocacy that brings about stakeholder engagement.

Book a call with me to #HaveAConversation and I will walk you through the ‘WHY & HOW’ brand experience works.

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