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Joy is, presently, the Head of Strategic Planning and Corporate Affairs at
INCEIF– the Global University of Islamic finance, and a Strategic Storyteller.
He creates linkages within leadership, strategy, engagement and communication to deliver People, Brand and Financial value.

Strategic storytelling involves creating a story of the organizational strategy that engages stakeholders and achieves business targets.

Creating a strategic story takes a bit more than smart investing, fancy tech or latching onto the latest business fad. It requires deep hands-on strategic experience in managing growth initiatives and management experience, coupled with a strong understanding of the socio-economic landscape, in order to connect strategy to engagement and create a meaningful story that depicts the purpose of the corporate brand —the ‘why’ of an organization– and delivers tangible positive experiences to all stakeholders.

Joy brings on board significant business value by developing this strategic story as a comparative edge through identifying and providing strategic insights that are then translated into initiatives. He operates through the organizational value chain, linking the strategic execution through leadership behavior and effective communication to create employee engagement and achieve organizational sustainability.

As a strategist and leader Joy is the glue that every organisation needs. His extensive experience, of having managed multiple cross-industry brands across Asia, provides for a wise pair of eyes and hands in assisting and getting the best out of junior managers and senior directors by championing people, impacting strategy, identifying problems & opportunities, fire-fighting and guiding operations.

Voted one of “Malaysia’s 10 Most Engaged Marketing Folks” in 2015 on Linked In, Joy is an ardent proponent of developing sustainable organizational brands and financial value through ethical and social impact activities.

His published work can be viewed at Slideshare or in his profile on Linked In.

Joy can be reached through  Linked In  or Google.

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