This is Joy

I create Conversations that generate Social Capital

I am a strategic storyteller who creates conversations that generate social capital for organizational sustainability.

Social capital is like an asset value. It’s the reputational & financial value of trust earned through relationship benefits occurring to stakeholders of an organization. To me this is the most important driver of business sustainability in this VUCA age.

I bring on board thirty years of hands-on corporate expertise in leadership, strategy, business management, marketing and communication gained from managing brands and business units across diverse industries like—halal, education, financial services, tourism, automotive, tobacco marketing, information technology to name a few–in South-East Asian markets.

This gives me two key expertise’s:

  1. Leadership capability in linking an organizations’ purpose to its operating strategy and providing clarity on it to stakeholders.
  2. Strategic capability in depicting this linkage to initiatives and the success benefits of the same to employees and their roles.

I am a big believer in culture being the driver for sustainability. I propagate participative strategy & authentic leadership by leading teams to be involved in the process of ‘choices and trade-offs’ amongst organizational activities and build a dynamic business strategy which is owned by the employees. This ownership results in forging relationships delivering an experience to stakeholders that generates strong social capital and sustainability for the organization.

As a 21st century marketer I use technology, in strategy and execution, as an enabler to aid process efficiencies  to deliver a humanized brand experience.  This approach earned me the recognition of being one of ‘Malaysia’s 10 Most Engaged Marketing Folks in 2015’ on LinkedIn.

I am a British national settled in Malaysia for the last 16 years and am now seeking a senior level regional role with an organization interested in business profitability through creating social capital.

His published work can be viewed at Slideshare or in his profile on Linked In.

Joy can be reached through  Linked In  or Google.

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