I create brand, financial and people value by linking leadership, strategy, engagement & communications into a cohesive business story.

Today businesses require a customised blend, of these critical elements, in order to create a strategy that gives sustainability, agility and a comparative advantage. Creating this takes a bit more than smart investing, fancy tech or latching onto the latest business fad. It requires creating a story that touches the heart and delivers tangibly positive experiences to all stakeholders.

By linking an organization’s leadership, strategy, stakeholder engagement and communication  into a story I provide a emotional value proposition that depicts the purpose of the organization and resonates with its stakeholders.

At the core of any organization is its purpose. This purpose is delivered through leadership and strategy by its employees– people. The employees’ experience at and with the organization is dependent on the leadership vision and its strategy.
In connecting leadership and strategy I put people at the core. Their experiences, with the organization, become the foundation of the business strategy.

Having me on board enables you to tap into my extensive experience, in developing and managing corporate growth initiatives across Asia, giving you access to practical and constructive insights in growing the business.

I create a sustainable comparative value, by identifying and leading activities where key linkages across strategy, leadership, engagement and communication need to occur, in order to maximize employee engagement, brand advocacy & financial sustainability.

I give constructive, people & market-centric, insights in business strategy development, leadership and communication by involving employees in the strategy development. This  approach  leads to generating employee commitment and to the development of a competitive advantage for an organization  From this emerges engagement and advocacy that results in a increased brand value and sustainability.

As a strategist and leader I am the glue that every organisation needs, working- as a wise pair of eyes and hands, in assisting and getting the best out of junior managers and senior directors- up and down the value chain championing people, impacting strategy, identifying problems & opportunities, fire-fighting and guiding operations.

My passion is in developing organisations to value ethical social impact through education of their talent. Education is the gateway of knowledge and it plays a critical role in talent development.

In 2011, I made a career shift coming into education management, in the Islamic finance sector, with INCEIF where presently the organisation is on course to achieve its business goal in 2018.

Currently I am actively seeking a new challenge, along with board level positions and advisory projects, with organisations focused on creating ethical social impact through their talent.

My published work can be viewed at Slideshare or in my profile on Linked In.

I can be reached through  Linked In  or Google.

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