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I create brand, financial and people value for an organization by linking its leadership, strategy, engagement and communications into one cohesive story.

In building productive relationships stories provide the emotional connect through the experiences that the brand provides to its stakeholders.

By linking an organization’s leadership, strategy, stakeholder engagement and communication  and creating a story I provide a human touch that depicts the purpose of the organization.

At the core of any organization is its purpose. This purpose is delivered through leadership and strategy by employees– people. The employees’ experience at and with the organization is dependent on the leadership vision and its strategy.
In connecting leadership and strategy I put people at the core. Their experiences, with the organization, are the foundation of the business strategy.

I aid organizations in creating this comparative value by developing and managing business strategy through identifying where critical linkages need to occur and how to maximize them for employee engagement, brand advocacy and financial sustainability.

I give critical, people-centric, insights in business strategy development, leadership and communication, gained through developing and managing a broad range of corporate growth and realignment initiatives across Asia. This  approach  creates the competitive advantage for an organization by involving employees in the strategy development  I generate their commitment. From this commitment emerges engagement and advocacy which in turn leads to sustainability and brand value.

As a leader I work up and down the organizational service chain, influencing strategy, guiding operations and financial target achievement by developing teams that conceive and execute key strategic activities.

As a strategist I bring significant experience and a track record of building brands, spanning multiple industries across Asia, using technology and collaborative partnerships to deliver on business objectives.

I moved into the higher education sector, five years ago, as I believe that education plays a key role in the development of people. Education is the gateway to knowledge and knowledge aids in learning and developing one self.

My personal goal is to work with organizations, as either an employee or advisor, where the organizational intent is on developing its people and giving back to the society through education as a means of gaining knowledge.

My published work can be viewed at Slideshare or in my profile on Linked In.

I can be reached through  Linked In  or Google.

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