Is the Islamic finance education sector in a stall?

The Islamic finance conference circuit has finally woken up to realise that organizational growth comes about through a focus on Human Capital and Talent Development. Better late than never. Yet one wonders if it is a bit too late in coming. The Islamic finance education sector is highly fragmented. On one hand there is a […]

Does Islamic finance have an economic and societal value?

As the world reels from a continuous series of financial, economic, humanitarian and natural crisis’s, the world of Islamic finance is growing. In the past decade the various projected global industry growth figures show this industry sector to be going up, up and away. Yet if one were to co-relate this growth with social development […]

Is your business getting TLC?

A year ago I had attended a talk by Prof Dave Ulrich, who is the Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business University of Michigan, which was hosted by AIF. The topic is close to my heart—how businesses can create their competitive advantage, in today’s environment, through talent. In his talk, Prof Ulrich highlighted […]

If Culture Drives Strategy Who Drives Culture?

Organizations oft forget that at the core of their existence are people. Employees, customers, partners each in their own way define an organization. The common denominator is People. The behaviour people display through their individual understanding, acceptance and ownership of organizational values reflects the culture of that organization. This creates a brand experience which impacts […]

To Be or Not To Be Vulnerable

Classic leadership thinking is all about being stoic, firm, and decisive. Of not having a chink of weakness anywhere in one’s professional behaviour and of not showing any emotions. Such behaviour is present due to belief in the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest—which is usually used to refer to individuals being fit for […]

People create culture through their behaviour

An organization is a non-physical entity that is brought to life through its people. Establishing a culture occurs through people understanding, accepting and developing ownership of the values in order to project a behaviour that reflects the culture of the organisation. This creates brand experience and leads to the brand identity for the organization. When […]

Brand experience has a higher impact than advertising

A brand experience is the total experience one has with an entity and the perception one has of that entity. One of the key areas where this experience is strengthened (or destroyed) is the way the brand’s eco system (its’ consumers, partners, vendors) perceive the employees of the brand they interact with. And this has […]