I Invested In My Passion

2018, by any means, has been one of my toughest years. Yet in retrospect as I look back, I discovered three benefits, that had I continued on the path I was, I would not have found. That’s where investing in your passion comes in. Before we get into that let’s clarify a bit about money. […]

Fill My Cup

On Dec 6th, 2018 I was invited to the ‘Fill My Cup’ series of talks that focus on personal sharing by people from various walks of life. This is initiated and hosted by the Life Skills development team, headed by Jagmohan Singh, of Taylor’s University Malaysia. I shared about the man behind the name– Joy Abdullah™. The […]

Have A Relationship At Work

Is love important at work? I’m not talking about office romance! With 8 hours of the day at work + a couple of hours (at the minimum) in commuting time + approximately 6 hours of sleep = leaves us just with 8 hours with family if we include our personal hygiene and me-time! Do you […]

From The Heart

Ever watched one of those sci-fi documentaries or clips that shows a star dying? There’s a huge explosion. Then utter silence as the fragments of the star become space junk! That’s exactly what happens to an organization when leadership dies. Leadership is a critical success factor for any organization. It has a massive impact on […]

Being Vulnerable Helps In Becoming More Resilient

“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing!” Oscar Wilde Experience is what gives us maturity and wisdom. There are two parts to getting experience. One is feeling the emotions created by through a stimulus and the other is learning to do something. Experiences stimulate our behaviour. Our behaviour is a result of habit. […]

Where Is The Trust?

First, the global financial sector lost trust. Now it’s the turn of the global social media sector it seems! From the looks of it trust, it seems, is slowly becoming extinct! The Edelman Trust Barometer 2018  special report titled Brands and Social Media shows that trust in social media has dropped significantly in the past […]

This Is My Story

“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing!” Oscar Wilde Who am I? This is a question that often haunts us at various times through our lives. It’s also an unsaid question people ask once they interact with you. It’s a reaction in response to your personality, character, and behavior. It determines the perception […]