From The Heart

Ever watched one of those sci-fi documentaries or clips that shows a star dying? There’s a huge explosion. Then utter silence as the fragments of the star become space junk! That’s exactly what happens to an organization when leadership dies. Leadership is a critical success factor for any organization. It has a massive impact on […]

Being Vulnerable Helps In Becoming More Resilient

“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing!” Oscar Wilde Experience is what gives us maturity and wisdom. There are two parts to getting experience. One is feeling the emotions created by through a stimulus and the other is learning to do something. Experiences stimulate our behaviour. Our behaviour is a result of habit. […]

Where Is The Trust?

First, the global financial sector lost trust. Now it’s the turn of the global social media sector it seems! From the looks of it trust, it seems, is slowly becoming extinct! The Edelman Trust Barometer 2018  special report titled Brands and Social Media shows that trust in social media has dropped significantly in the past […]

This Is My Story

“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing!” Oscar Wilde Who am I? This is a question that often haunts us at various times through our lives. It’s also an unsaid question people ask once they interact with you. It’s a reaction in response to your personality, character, and behavior. It determines the perception […]

Why You Should Have A Conversation

Conversations create experiences that stimulate our emotions and drive our behavior. It’s a way of communicating and it results in creating both an impression and a perception. We’ve all heard of the saying first impressions matter well so do the perceptions that are created. In fact perceptions impact on creating the impression which in turn affects preference. So […]

10 Tips on How To Create A Profitable Brand Experience

Every business category is facing disruption and change in some way. Doing what we used to do no longer works. The only way to achieve growth is to do things differently. Yet we are so scared of trying new things! And without a new way of doing something, we can’t have a different result.  In this volatile, ever-changing business environment […]

What Is Age?

#AgeDoesNotDefineUs I’m 5 months into a job search and facing disguised ageism! I say disguised because it’s not articulated or stated but at certain stages in the recruitment process you’re quietly dropped from the selection list in-spite of being over an 85% fit on the job specs. Initially I looked inwards and evaluated areas of […]