Even a business needs TLC

Conversations make businesses earn social capital and get them to be sustainable.


To make profits have a conversation

A relationship starts with a conversation. Each conversation creates trust when one comes from the purpose perspective and with the intent of giving value.

How Conversations and Relationships create Value

People love talking! People are the only thing between success and failure. All else is either an enabler or facilitator. And people create culture through their conversations and behaviour. As individuals do we get this? If yes, then global Employee Engagement levels would not be as low as it is. Are we mindful of it?  […]

Do learning and development strategies have a part in business strategy?

Whilst most organizations have learning and development units the question I’m raising is: Are organizations really focused on learning and developing the talent pool that they have? In today’s business environment the competitive edge, for an organization, comes from its culture and its talent. The latter is at the core of success an organization can […]

Behaviour Impacts the Choices You Make

Often leaders are in a tough situation and faced with tough choices. A key role of a leader is to make decisions. In other words exercise their choice based on evaluating all the facts available to them and factoring in the impact of that choice on the long-term strategy. Whilst many are able to have […]

What Happens When Leadership Dies

This post was sparked by an excellent article on this subject by an expert Moyra Mackie who I respect tremendously for her insights into leadership development. In her recent article—Where leadership goes to die—Fear and (self-loathing)in the C-suite– Moyra deftly links data to the impact of leadership failures and how it can be avoided. Her article made […]