Here’s Why Conversations Are Important

Businesses today need lot more conversations internally and externally to build trust and translate that into profits.


To make profits have a conversation

A relationship starts with a conversation. Each conversation creates trust when one comes from the purpose perspective and with the intent of giving value.

Can companies deliver profits and make society better at the same time?

In a world where companies are busy chasing technology and innovation to increase profitability is it at all possible to resolve what looks to be competing mandates: profitability and social benefit?

Getting started on Working-Out-Loud

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks since I joined a ‘working out loud’ circle set up by Moyra Mackie . Insights like ‘getting stuck is good’ and recognizing the ‘tension between money and meaning’ were like revelations. Here Moyra’s post on our experience so far Reflections on Working Out Loud: Getting Started “It’s as if we’re teenage […]

Why You Should Undertake a Brand Risk Analysis

As brand marketing professionals we delve into the structural issues of developing a brand and often invest heavily in the brand building process but do not take into account the associated risks or undertake a Brand Risk Analysis on those risks . As the importance of brand for an organisation has grown over the years, the […]

Listen to employees if profit is your goal

A recent business review meeting brought home the fact that business is all about getting to the  revenue target. It’s a process. A process that’s been in place, for most organisations, for some time and has delivered results.  But if we keep doing the same things that we have done how do we get a different result? Goal […]