Back to Basics

This post is meant to provide a big-picture guide for leaders to create a new basis of strategic planning and keeping that big-picture firmly in view whilst developing the minutiae of each activity.


Getting started on Working-Out-Loud

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks since I joined a ‘working out loud’ circle set up by Moyra Mackie . Insights like ‘getting stuck is good’ and recognizing the ‘tension between money and meaning’ were like revelations. Here Moyra’s post on our experience so far Reflections on Working Out Loud: Getting Started “It’s as if we’re teenage […]

Why You Should Undertake a Brand Risk Analysis

As brand marketing professionals we delve into the structural issues of developing a brand and often invest heavily in the brand building process but do not take into account the associated risks or undertake a Brand Risk Analysis on those risks . As the importance of brand for an organisation has grown over the years, the […]

Listen to employees if profit is your goal

A recent business review meeting brought home the fact that business is all about getting to the  revenue target. It’s a process. A process that’s been in place, for most organisations, for some time and has delivered results.  But if we keep doing the same things that we have done how do we get a different result? Goal […]

Take a new look at your business

With all the talk of change in business, economic climate, consumer behaviour sometimes it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information coming through. To ensure success in business, you constantly need to renew your business strategy. RENEW is a 5 step process that I use to ensure clarity and success in business operations: Here’s […]

Your Brand Could Be At Risk!

Brands are an emotive experience! They lead us to experience our aspirations, desires and fulfill our physical and emotional needs. They become our friend and associate and a representation of our personality. There is a lot of learning available on brands and how to go about developing and maintaining one. An area that oft gets […]

The Magic Word is Involvement

  A brand experience is the sum total experience one has with an entity and the perception one has of that entity. One of the key areas where this experience is strengthened or destroyed is the way the brand’s eco-system– its consumers, partners, vendors– perceive the brand through their interaction with the employees of the […]