Time for change in Islamic finance

Reading the article Why are we seeing so many corporate scandals?   By Prof. Dr. Amit S. Mukherjee  I liked the questions that Prof. Amit raises. The queries resonated with the planner in me and I found them to be interesting. I say interesting because, whilst the erosion of trust has impacted quite heavily on the […]

What I Learnt in 2014

2014 has been a catalytic year for me in more ways than one. Professionally as a senior corporate executive and leader the lessons have helped me better myself. Here are my top five learnings:     #1 Leadership Top of the list is leadership as that’s what provides direction, growth and self-development. Lesson #1 in leadership was […]

The (Im)Possible Role of Your Social Media Manager

Businesses are using social media for a host of reasons today. Many run very structured social media strategies and many just run it as is. Whichever method may work for your business, at the end of the day its crucial to remember that at the end of the social media channel is a person. Social  […]

Social Media, Revolutions, Ties (And Nine Cross-Disciplines To Think About)

Post by: Mustafa Stefan Dill Although I’m both a social media geek and a Muslim concerned with developments in the Middle East, I’ve  actively resisted writing about the role of social media in the Arab push for democracy because there’s plenty o’ punditry on that front to go around. However, some articles that seek to […]

7 Reasons Your Content Strategy Is Going To Fail

Post By: Hilton Barbour Like it or not, there’s no simple path to a successful content strategy for your site or social media program. Its tough sledding. However, there are a number of easy pitfalls to avoid, rookie mistakes that will undermine your efforts every time. If you’re like most marketers today chances are content […]

Does Your Brand Need a Community Manager?

Post By: Hilton Barbour Social media has quickly become the de facto for interaction and communication, emerging as the new gateway for consumer influence. With social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook giving consumers the power to directly impact a brand’s performance, businesses are hiring a new member of the marketing team to not […]