Conversations and Connections

A good conversation is soul satisfying. It leaves one feeling fulfilled, creative, energised and with the beginnings of a great relationship. In fact isn’t that how all great friendships, marriages, partnerships start out? Being a strategic planner and marketer by profession I have always been intrigued by the value a conversation creates. Throughout my career […]

Time for change in Islamic finance

Reading the article Why are we seeing so many corporate scandals?   By Prof. Dr. Amit S. Mukherjee  I liked the questions that Prof. Amit raises. The queries resonated with the planner in me and I found them to be interesting. I say interesting because, whilst the erosion of trust has impacted quite heavily on the […]

The relationships you build provide the organization with strength

Last week I was catching up with my eldest son and a couple of his friends all of whom are millennials. One of them asked me – how can we contribute, to the organization, as employees outside our functional roles. This post is a result of that chat. For an organization success is measured by […]

Cultural Impact of Leadership

How often have you sat in a meeting where there were only three key issues for discussion? Impact of leadership on the organisation Evaluating key technical & behavioural competencies of the employees that has delivered the results Exploring the benefits and negatives of the work culture in operation Chances are your response would be—“once” OR –“not at all”!! This […]

The Magic Word is Involvement

  A brand experience is the sum total experience one has with an entity and the perception one has of that entity. One of the key areas where this experience is strengthened or destroyed is the way the brand’s eco-system– its consumers, partners, vendors– perceive the brand through their interaction with the employees of the […]

Taking Ownership Passionately

Title of this post is courtesy the training program run by Global Dynamics. For two days, this past week, I was closeted with 19 other colleagues of mine from various functions in a training program that was all about “taking ownership passionately”. I’ll come to the “TOP—Taking Ownership Passionately” in another post.  First let me […]

How Work Culture Impacts on Brand Reputation

In today’s era of rapid globalization, organisations operate both on virtual and physical multi-cultural teams. Multi-cultural team processes and culture is, in itself, a separate topic. As organisations reach their brand to various parts of the globe, there is an image & an identity that goes along with it. This is the brand image, personality and identity. […]