Time for change in Islamic finance

Reading the article Why are we seeing so many corporate scandals?   By Prof. Dr. Amit S. Mukherjee  I liked the questions that Prof. Amit raises. The queries resonated with the planner in me and I found them to be interesting. I say interesting because, whilst the erosion of trust has impacted quite heavily on the […]

Leadership for Business Sustainability in the Islamic Economy

Last week in my post on “Sustainability in the Islamic Economy” I highlighted the key missing aspect of sustainability and how it has to be from ground-up. There are four broad areas to look into when scoping out sustainability for a business: Leadership Processes People Communication This is not only for the businesses that are […]

Critical brand risks in marketing to the Global Muslim Community

The global Muslim community at a staggering 1.57 billion people is a very large market segment that’s intriguing marketers, across product categories, for a variety of reasons. With a rising demand for products and services, fulfilling needs of day-to-day life to aspirational requirements and armed with strong purchasing power, the global Muslim community is a […]

Meet The New Muslim Consumer

In the midst of preparing for an interview (on the topic of  Islamic Marketing) I came across this interview of mine on the “new Muslim consumer” which was published last year.  I felt, it might be helpful reading for many who are operating businesses in this sector as well as working in the Halal & […]

“Halal & Shariah Compliant”– Processes or Values?

With 23% or 1.57 billion people constituting the global Muslim community, a whole lot has already been written and said about the ever-increasing business opportunities in the (and for the) Halal industry.  With the industry’s global annual meet coming up (in Kuala Lumpur in April) more of these opportunities would get highlighted. So here’s a […]

Can Islamic Finance Innovate for Sustainability & Growth?

Post By Michael Damian Billy The Next Generation of Islamic Finance Asset/Cash Management: Who will provide the dynamics for an “idea system” that creates and innovates the processes in 2011 and Beyond?   While there has been formal discussions held within the Islamic Finance community over the past year, regarding product development; acceptable investment practices […]

E.P.L. in Islamic Finance: PERCEPTION– What is it?

Post By David Vicary I am not going to start this article by trying to define “Perception”.  Suffice it to say that one person’s perception is likely to be another’s reality and vice-versa. In the world of Islamic Finance and Islam there are multiple misperceptions, many of which are based on a lack of education […]