The relationships you build provide the organization with strength

Last week I was catching up with my eldest son and a couple of his friends all of whom are millennials. One of them asked me – how can we contribute, to the organization, as employees outside our functional roles. This post is a result of that chat. For an organization success is measured by […]

Every moment of your business has a fresh beginning

Doing the same thing day in day out brings about routine. Whilst a routine is great in generating efficiency, the flip side is that it makes us lose lateral thinking or what I call joining the strategic dots. From time to time it’s helpful to simply put a bit of emotional distance between the daily […]

Winds of change blowing on Islamic finance

A distinct trend emerging in the global Islamic finance industry is the rising number of professionals opting out of the corporate rat-race and entering entrepreneurship.  The question is why? Does this have a correlation with lack of talent development in the industry? Or with the lack of Islamic finance being used by other industries? Or […]

Impact of Work Culture & Leadership on Brand Sustainability

Last week I was contacted, by an organisation involved in providing advisory services to entrepreneurs and business operating in the Halal industry targeting the global Muslim community, to speak at a workshop on ‘branding’. During my discussion with the organisers I realised that there was a communication gap occurring! What they meant by branding was […]

Ignore the politicians, what can entreprenuers do to survive?

Article by Ashish Rajadhyaksha at  Entreprenuership Central There was a time when politics was about public service, making a difference, and politicians cared about solutions and working together.  Now it seems like it has become a career and profession rather than a call for doing something productive for a greater good.  I sound like a […]

Daily Deals or Daily Nightmares?

Article by Ashish Rajadhyaksha at  Entreprenuership Central When I read the article on NY Times recently about the Deep Discount Daily Deal Sites phenomenon started by Groupon and then copied and recopied many times now in the U.S. and abroad, I realized I wasn’t alone in having bad experiences with these sites. Being in business […]