Even a business needs TLC

Conversations make businesses earn social capital and get them to be sustainable.


Are you influencing or ordering?

Leadership has a direct impact on the sustainability of any business for an organization. The leadership style influences corporate culture at play and is instrumental in creating the climate at work and in creating the competitive edge. Academic institutions, whilst having the noble mission of developing and imparting knowledge and creating leaders, are also business […]

If Culture Drives Strategy Who Drives Culture?

Organizations oft forget that at the core of their existence are people. Employees, customers, partners each in their own way define an organization. The common denominator is People. The behaviour people display through their individual understanding, acceptance and ownership of organizational values reflects the culture of that organization. This creates a brand experience which impacts […]

Manage Change Before It Manages You

Just as shifting city and home and moving to a new place has its initial period of anxiety, a change in business direction or in leadership in the organisation, brings about a period of anxiety, uncertainty and a plethora of questions within an organisation. Change in any form is uncomfortable for us humans. We are creatures […]

Exercise choice carefully

The act of choosing; selection. The power, right, or liberty to choose; option. Choice consists of the mental process of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one of them.  Every minute of our lives, we are ‘Choosing’ i.e. selecting a course of action that brings about a particular effect. In other words, our […]

Cultural Impact of Leadership

How often have you sat in a meeting where there were only three key issues for discussion? Impact of leadership on the organisation Evaluating key technical & behavioural competencies of the employees that has delivered the results Exploring the benefits and negatives of the work culture in operation Chances are your response would be—“once” OR –“not at all”!! This […]