Even a business needs TLC

Conversations make businesses earn social capital and get them to be sustainable.


To make profits have a conversation

A relationship starts with a conversation. Each conversation creates trust when one comes from the purpose perspective and with the intent of giving value.

What Business Needs Today

Business is changing by the hour. Debates on leadership, the strategy-execution gap, employee engagement, digital transformation, technology investment all rage on each day. Earlier in the week I shared an article in LinkedIn titled—Re imagining Business: How to Cater to the Customer of the Future- with the intention of stirring up a conversation. That’s what I do—I […]

The relationships you build provide the organization with strength

Last week I was catching up with my eldest son and a couple of his friends all of whom are millennials. One of them asked me – how can we contribute, to the organization, as employees outside our functional roles. This post is a result of that chat. For an organization success is measured by […]

Behaviour Impacts the Choices You Make

Often leaders are in a tough situation and faced with tough choices. A key role of a leader is to make decisions. In other words exercise their choice based on evaluating all the facts available to them and factoring in the impact of that choice on the long-term strategy. Whilst many are able to have […]

To Be or Not To Be Vulnerable

Classic leadership thinking is all about being stoic, firm, and decisive. Of not having a chink of weakness anywhere in one’s professional behaviour and of not showing any emotions. Such behaviour is present due to belief in the Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest—which is usually used to refer to individuals being fit for […]