Use Your Training And Development To Create Your Competitive Advantage

Post by Joy Abdullah In the VUCA  business environment competitive edge for an organization comes from its people and its culture.  The former is at the core of success an organization can achieve. In the usual for-profit organizations, where profitability is the end objective of all activities, learning is often lost in the daily rush of what […]

Are organizations really focused on learning and developing the talent pool that they have?

For any organization the competitive edge, in today’s business environment, comes down to the culture and the strategy it has. Culture is developed through the employees or talents an organization has and not through its products or services. In the educational sector one would assume that this aspect of organizational development would be a given […]

Refreshing Education in Islamic Finance

Article By: Daud Vicary Abdullah Islamic Finance and Education As some of you may be aware I am making a slight career change starting in the beginning of August.  This involves my running an Institution of Higher Education dedicated solely to Islamic Finance.  As a result of this impending change, I thought that it may […]