There will always be Good in the world if you decide to do Right

Thanks to Amer Kayyal  I came across this video in my LinkedIn feed. Amer shares some of the most poignant videos that have striking messages which touches the heart. A few of these have struck a chord in me, from a professional perspective, with regards to a couple of new things I’m putting together for […]

Culture gives the Competitive Edge

Investment in work culture results in engaged employees, stronger brand identity and profitability.

Does Islamic finance have an economic and societal value?

As the world reels from a continuous series of financial, economic, humanitarian and natural crisis’s, the world of Islamic finance is growing. In the past decade the various projected global industry growth figures show this industry sector to be going up, up and away. Yet if one were to co-relate this growth with social development […]

If Culture Drives Strategy Who Drives Culture?

Organizations oft forget that at the core of their existence are people. Employees, customers, partners each in their own way define an organization. The common denominator is People. The behaviour people display through their individual understanding, acceptance and ownership of organizational values reflects the culture of that organization. This creates a brand experience which impacts […]

Engaging perception through customer-centric CSR initiatives

Most organisations undertake CSR programmes as having to fulfill the corporate duty of giving back to society. Often the development of the program becomes the responsibility of the marketing team and is tied to the brand being seen in good light.   Here’s my article on this, published in the Islamic Banker Asia:

Ethics– Is It a tool for Business Sustainability?

Having been part of two major change management programs in the past 3 years I’ve had the privilege of experiencing how important it is to have a strong organisational culture in place prior to rolling out a change program. How does one go about setting in place a culture that’s productive, efficient and most importantly […]

How To Make Your Business Sustainable

The words Sustainable and Sustainability are used interchangeably depending on context and mean a variety of things. Here’s a list of some views (taken from the Sustainable Store) on what Sustainability can encompass: Sustainability means renewing resources at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which they are consumed. Sustainability means living […]