What Business Needs Today

Business is changing by the hour. Debates on leadership, the strategy-execution gap, employee engagement, digital transformation, technology investment all rage on each day. Earlier in the week I shared an article in LinkedIn titled—Re imagining Business: How to Cater to the Customer of the Future- with the intention of stirring up a conversation. That’s what I do—I […]

Winds of change blowing on Islamic finance

A distinct trend emerging in the global Islamic finance industry is the rising number of professionals opting out of the corporate rat-race and entering entrepreneurship.  The question is why? Does this have a correlation with lack of talent development in the industry? Or with the lack of Islamic finance being used by other industries? Or […]

Manage Change Before It Manages You

Just as shifting city and home and moving to a new place has its initial period of anxiety, a change in business direction or in leadership in the organisation, brings about a period of anxiety, uncertainty and a plethora of questions within an organisation. Change in any form is uncomfortable for us humans. We are creatures […]

What I Learnt in 2014

2014 has been a catalytic year for me in more ways than one. Professionally as a senior corporate executive and leader the lessons have helped me better myself. Here are my top five learnings:     #1 Leadership Top of the list is leadership as that’s what provides direction, growth and self-development. Lesson #1 in leadership was […]

Ensure you know your purpose in business

Following up from ‘exercise choice carefully‘, here’s my top 10 steps of  ‘purpose‘ that help in answering the  ‘why are we in business’ question. The outcome of using this model is in having a transparent, engaging and involving work culture.   1. Articulate a clear sense of purpose: Revisit ‘why’–  The “why” are we doing this business OR “why” […]

Taking Ownership Passionately

Title of this post is courtesy the training program run by Global Dynamics. For two days, this past week, I was closeted with 19 other colleagues of mine from various functions in a training program that was all about “taking ownership passionately”. I’ll come to the “TOP—Taking Ownership Passionately” in another post.  First let me […]

Evaluate, Understand & Develop a Sustainable Business Strategy

The changing business landscape has resulted in many an organisation scrambling to evaluate, understand and use resources it has in-house and competencies competitively. There’s no one-size-fits-all sort of model in order to do this. It’s a painstaking process but one that’s’ really worth it, if you want to ensure long-term success. In my earlier posts […]