Describe, Deepen and Grow Financial Value through Brand Experience

Is managing the functionality of business change and driving sustainable growth a priority for you?
Are you able to get new customers and enter new categories?

With disruption and change being the only constant, a business needs to provide a relevant, engaging and unique brand experience which gives value to generate financial growth.

Historical business management methodologies, that used to drive growth and share value, are no longer bringing in similar returns and life span of brands have become shorter.

Yet in this volatile, uncertain, changing and ambiguous  (VUCA) environment there is a way to ensure sustainable growth and value creation. 

That is through my DDG methodology!

My expertise is in marketing and I help you generate sustainable financial growth by:

  • describing a unique and relevant brand experience
  • deepening the reach of the brand experience
  • growing financial value by increasing sales and entering new categories


This is how I help you:

In the DESCRIBE stage we:

  1. Create a Statement of Purpose that covers the organization and the brand.
  2. Identify what are the current issues.
  3. Identify what are the current opportunities.

The result of these three stages gives us:

  1. bringing out  clarity of purpose
  2. Bringing out the brand differentiation and the culture around it
  3. The brand’s relevancy to its target group and its emotional strength.


In the DEEPEN stage we review 4 key areas of the brand against the desired brand experience in order to map areas of improvement. The 4 areas are:

  1. Easy availability of the brand.
  2. Credibility & Vitality of the brand experience.
  3. Value or affordability of the brand.
  4. Extensions the brand has strength to undertake.

The Grow stage is the action stage. From the Deepen stage we prepare brand operating plans that need to be executed with timelines and expected results and work the market.

Depending on the terms of engagement the output at the Grow stage can be in two ways:

  1. Operating action plans OR
  2. 120 mandays or 6 months engagement to run the plan to obtain the results agreed upon.

In the GROW stage there are five scenarios of creating additional revenue value:

  1. The defined brand purpose and resulting experience attracts new customers.
  2. The brand differentiation enables it to command a price premium.
  3. The demand allows it to obtain higher sales volume through a price drop for a limited period of time.
  4. The brand is able to move into new categories or markets.
  5. The brand is very strongly associated with a social cause that is of high relevance and meaning to the target group.


Professional Services and Fees

Services & Fees: Malaysia Only

  1. The DDG Conversation Workshop:
    Half Day               RM 3000 for 1/2 Day
    Full Day                RM 3500 for 1 Day
    Workshop Content development: RM 3000.
  2. Business Strategy Development Sessions:
    Full Day                RM 3500 for 1 Day
    Two Days             RM  6500 for 2 Days
    Planning Session Content development: RM 3000.

    Business Plan Writing is from RM 15,000+ based on industry and organization turnover.
  3. Marketing Strategy Development Sessions:
    Full Day              RM 3500 for 8 hours
    Two Days           RM 6500 for 16 hours
    Marketing Planning Session Content development : RM 3000.

    Marketing Plan Writing from RM 12,000+based on industry and organization turnover.
  4. Communication Strategy & Key Message Development Sessions
    Full Day              RM 3500 for 8 hours
    Two Days           RM 6500 for 16 hours
    Communication Strategy and Content Plan from RM 12,000+based on industry and organization turnover.
  5. Public Speaking for Seminars and Conferences:
    RM 3500 (upto 2 hours)
    RM 1500 ( content development cost)

Services & Fees for Asia-Pacific region available on request.

Other Terms for Engagement:

  1. Definition of workshop refers to a group size of not more than 15 participants.
    More than 15 participants would be subject to a fee revision.
  2. Definition of workshop refers to single company participants. In the case of group company participants i.e. a group of participants from different companies under one holding group the fee would be subject to revision.
  3. For engagements outside Malaysia an additional charge of US$1,000.00 to US$3,000.00, for miscellaneous and opportunity costs, will be charged.
  4. For engagements conducted outside Malaysia, the client is to provide all travelling expenses (air/ship/by road), visa fees (if applicable), hotel accommodation (single occupancy), and in-city transportation.
  5. For customized reports and consultation additional fees will be charged.
  6. The client is to make the necessary arrangements for meeting venue and all necessary equipment that would be required for the sessions.
  7. On finalisation of engagement an advance of 35% of the fee is to be paid as confirmation. In the event of cancellation this amount if non-refundable.
  8. Another 35%, of the fee, is to be paid on or just before the engagement and the balance 30% within 7 working days from date of engagement.

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