Do you have the “Edge” in Emerging Markets?

Business sustainability by providing community value Following up my earlier post on sustainable business I was searching for some current examples and found the following on Harvard Business Review’s video blog. HBR carried this excellent (I found it to be very telling) interview of Matt Eyring, president of Innosight. Matt speaks of how multi-nationals organisations, […]

Islamic Finance Incommunicado

By Bernardo Vizcaino, CAIA The following article was first published in the Opalesque Islamic Finance Intelligence – Fifteenth Issue (see reference link) and is reprinted here with permission. It seems that Islamic finance is getting a makeover. Recently there have been various (some light-hearted) attempts to dissect Islamic finance: from comparing Islamic finance to every-day […]

Fine-Tuning Your Global Social Media Implementation

Post By Mustafa Stefan Dill As I wrote earlier on four principles for small businesses using  social media for your business, effective  use of social media  involves analyzing: 1) what consumer needs are trying to be met through social media  and 2) what platforms are they using in that process. This approach focuses on the […]

Making Business Relationships Profitable

Investing in relationships, has found its place amongst  marketers. From personal branding to brand marketing, the post recessionary consumer mind-set has become one akin to those of the era after the Great Depression– cautious and savings oriented. Companies are looking at new techniques and tools to further brand loyalty. Employees are being recruited based on […]

Risk Mangement in Marketing

Marketing in the global Muslim segment differs (from other consumer segments) in terms of risk and organisational demands. The risks should not be underestimated. They should be thoroughly studied and evaluated on two levels: Product/Brand level– A product and brand risk analysis will consider the impact that  targeting the Muslim consumers might have on the […]

How Non-Muslim Countries Are Seeing Value In Islamic Finance

Post by: David Vicary Islamic Finance and the Public Good Twenty years ago, when I first started getting involved in Islamic Finance, the most frequently asked question I got was always “do I have to be a Muslim to participate in Islamic Finance?” Usually the question was asked by a non-Muslim who did not have […]

Give Value To Get Value

Social media has made the world a smaller and highly inter-connected place today. A place where consumers, in matter of minutes, can build or destroy a brand simply by sharing their experience (of a brand) to their network groups. This “Word Of Mouth” recommendation has become a key influencer for many a brand where sales […]