Four Principles For Small Businesses Using Social Media

Post by: Mustafa Stefan Dill– Ummah Relations   I’ve fielded some inquiries lately on social media tips for small businesses, both from small businesses and as part of some online discussions. It’s a hard question to answer, because every business, market, audience, and goal is different. However, there are some broader principles you can keep […]

Tackling Operational Issues faced by Islamic Banks– Mufti Ehsan Waquar Ahmed, Shariah Advisor UBL Ameen Islamic Banking, in discussion with Furqan Ayub in program “Live Wire InFocus” on Business Plus.

The points highlighted by Mufti Ehsan Waquar are excellent and represents the situation on ground in many other markets. Here’s a summary of the key points he made (the interview is in Urdu and English): 1. Scarcity of good talent i.e. Human Resource. 2. Current knowledgeable (i.e. understanding the essence of Islamic finance) talent are […]

Networking 2.0: QR code Ideas for Business, Journalism and PR

When it was time for business cards for Ummah Relations, I decided to up the game and get ready for networking 2.0. If you don’t know what that funny box is on the left hand side, it’s a QR code, a scannable image that can contain a URL, contact information, product discounts, or just about […]

Internal CSR? Possible or not….

Experience has an amazing amount of effect and stimulation in thinking in developing strategic direction and activity plans in the area of corporate culture and CSR (sort-of) programs. Experience provides a un-written benchmark of what can be done, what can’t and what new ideas can be implemented. Of course, in that bag of experience also […]

Relationship Investment– Profitable or not?

          Investing in relationships, has finally found its place among many a marketer. From personal branding to brand marketing, the post recessionary consumer mind-set has become one akin to those of the era after the Great Depression– cautious and savings oriented. Companies, are looking at new techniques and tools to further […]

Creating Value through Relationship

      Relationship marketing has been around (in brand marketing) for quite some time. Technology has aided in enabling huge progress in developing customised brand offers and providing rewarding brand experiences. Is there a lesson in this for the individual as well as the organisation? As a marketer, and as a Muslim, I often […]