What Is Age?


I’m 5 months into a job search and facing disguised ageism!

I say disguised because it’s not articulated or stated but at certain stages in the recruitment process you’re quietly dropped from the selection list in-spite of being over an 85% fit on the job specs.

Initially I looked inwards and evaluated areas of myself and my job search process that I could improve. I took the help of a CV coach and ended up with a CV I’m delighted to send out and use. And I took help from an executive coach to improve my clarity of thought and personality projection.

Yet the next role hasn’t, as yet, materialised (though there are a couple of discussions on-going).😄

Being a matured, senior professional, not once did my age cross my mind as being a limiting factor. This revelation literally shook me. I have to say I didn’t know how or what to do simply because this is a bias. It’s an area over which one has no control. It’s tough to fight biases and perceptions.

Tough but not impossible and I love a challenge!

So I have joined the battle against AGEISM with the intent of creating awareness on this issue. It’s important to me for a few reasons:

  • I live in Malaysia and the country is soon going to have a larger number of senior citizens.
  • This brings with it pressure on the healthcare, wellness and service industries to have facilities that are catered for senior citizens.
  • More importantly is the socio-cultural interaction that is starting to occur in the work place which now has Baby Boomers down to Millennials present.

Thanks to LinkedIn I met three key people—Norma Kraft, Andrada Anitei , Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba— recently. With each there has been a sharing of views and thoughts which have gone on to amplify certain values dear to me.

Norma shared her #AgeDoesNotDefineUs campaign against ageism and having been victim to it I simply loved the example she put up regarding the issue of ‘being OLD’. Here’s the link to her post in LinkedIn.

And here’s the video she shared in that post:

Watch this and and ask yourself–What is AGE?

Join in with your views and comments here👇🏽


4 thoughts on “What Is Age?

  1. That’s so aptly written Joy. Not just USA or Malaysia, I feel the entire globe should come under one umbrella to fight against ageism. With age comes experience and a different point of view, which cannot be bought in the supermarket.

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    1. Thank you Hardik. Whilst you are absolutely right, many a commercial entity look at age as an increased cost and lower tech knowledge. That’s one of the biases I was mentioning.


  2. Thank you Norma. As I mentioned its ‘disguised’ but very much there. At times I’d say people doing it do not even realise what they are doing.
    Onr of my hypotheses is that given our recucing and fragmenting attention span we really do not think deeply on issues before acting on them. I mean think through the ramifications of decision making.

    However the hope is that with a 92 year old Prime Minister back in charge the corporate & recruitment sector will start understanding the value of silver hairs.


  3. I’m sorry you are experiencing this, even in Malaysia! I believe it’s a global issue but it’s very prevalent here in the USA. I believe that if we continue to showcase solid contributions of the more seasoned employee, the value and the skill that they bring to an organization, that there may be programs that will enlist their expertise to further the success of the business.


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