The Crying Child That Created a Mission


This is a re-post of an article by a dear friend of mine Marc Romano . I am sharing this in order to help Marc spread the word and assist him in obtaining the financial support the school requires. Please read on and do share with your social network.


One-evening last week, while on a walk, I met a young child who was in tears and a mother who couldn’t seem to console her. I asked if she was okay and if there was any way I could help. The mother explained that her daughter was told her school, The Cobblestone School, would be closing down for good at the end of the month.

Cobblestone is an independent, Nonprofit school located in the heart of a historic part of our city. It is funded by its own resources and not tax dollars but depends greatly on charitable contributions. I was very familiar with the school and what it has represented to the children and the teachers who make it so special.

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