All For One, One For All

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Learning to Unlearn

The motto of the ‘The Three Musketeers’ – ‘All for one, one for all’—kept ringing in my head as I recalled the weekend activities.  Just one word sums it up—‘awesome’!

It was a great learning experience! 

It was at our annual team-building exercise, spread over one and half days. The interactions, team dynamics, competitiveness &, most importantly, the ‘feeling’’ of being part of an extended family was simply awesome!

As an organisation, we are in the process of identifying our culture-code and behavioral  competencies and inputting that into our daily work processes. A lot of hard work, time and effort have gone into developing that. With our human resource team, the marketing communication team has worked hand-in-glove to develop an employee-engagement & a brand-internalisation programme. Given this background the learnings from the team-building exercise have significant importance.

  • Camaraderie: With a mix of youth and age, individual teams had a great mix of energy, vibrancy & wisdom. Both the young and old (if I may take the liberty of using that term) approached each task with a competitive zeal that was unseen! There was fierce competitiveness and yet the teams, at times, assisted other teams in their tasks seamlessly.
    Learning: The sum of the whole is more important than the individual.


Coordinate to save your team member
Coordinate to save your team member


  • Communication: The activities were geared in a manner where clarity in communication was a must for teams to be successful within themselves. This showed in the selection of the respective team leaders.
    Learning: Provide clarity both language-wise and in action in terms of desired results so that the right person leads the activity.
  • Fun: Singularly this emotion came out through each and every exercise. Activities, though complex at times, that allowed the individual teams to achieve and provide contentment to each member provided the best laughs.
    Learning:Work can be made fun.


Communicating with clarity
Communicating with clarity
  • Engagement:  Without doubt, this was the key learning! Being away from work, in a picturesque setting provided the right environmental atmosphere for all employees to be in a relaxed frame of mind. Each one of us appreciated this ‘all-paid-for’ trip. Net result was in the form of heightened interest in the activities at hand and a desire to maximize it.
    Learning:Provide the right ambiance and involve them in the organisational developments through giving them the opportunity to participate and express their point of view.

 People make an organisation. Not the product or the service or the knowledge an organisation has. Those are competitive advantages that can be replicated and improved upon. But what can’t be replicated is the attitude and behaviour of the people an organisation has. Whilst there is no fool-proof methodology of generating employee-engagement there is, for sure, this participative & simplistic approach to create bonding, unity and most importantly commitment to a common cause.

Time for us to put these learnings into a great employee-engagement programme.