Are You Busy Being Busy?

Post courtesy of Forbes written by YEC

(Photo Credit: Mashable)
(Photo Credit: Mashable)

I was going through some of my reference materials on self-performance & productivity for a leadership article I’m in the midst of writing when I came across this slightly old but highly relevant article published on

It’s a great article from the perspective of getting more out of the 24 hours we all have. The article recommends looking at the value we can create or add in each hour of our time and maximizing the returns of that hour and provide 4 great tips.

So here’s the article for your reading (and sharing) pleasure:

Are you busy being busy? Four tips for effectiveness

On a personal note, I took these tips and implemented the same in my days and it has, indeed, not only increased the effective work I can get done but also enhanced relationships and brought about both intellectual and financial value.

So I’m posting it here with the intent that, as readers of this blog, you too would find value in this.