The Critical Few: Components of a Truly Effective Culture

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Culture is oft the least looked at element in an organisations’ sustainability and its’ ability to grow year on year. Yet it’s the culture that drives the organisations’ service levels and creates positive impact on the bottom line.

The usual, directive based programmatic, approach more than often fail. They fail simply because we, as leaders fail to recognise, how deeply ingrained cultural behavioural traits are within an individual’s own beliefs and habits.

So how can we address this and more importantly how can we bring about a “cultural makeover” where we have “happy & engaged” employees (quoting from the article—Herb Keller CEO of Southwest Airline.–“How you treat your employee determines how they treat customers—and happy customers are what will sustain attractive shareholder returns over time”).

It’s an excellent article for all to understand the importance of cultural and the need to recognise emotions at work. To read the full article please click on the headline below:

Forget the monolithic change management programs and focus on the elements of your culture that drive performance.