Communicate in order to Engage


 “Good morning. How’s project “why don’t we speak” coming along?”

   Sounds familiar?

Probably. It’s the first thing in the morning we often get to hear from our superiors when we get to work and happen to bump into them.  Can you spot what’s missing in this interaction?

Good morning. How’s is the family?”

What’s the difference here? Engagement!

As we progress in our careers and move up the corporate food-chain, our skills in communication need to also progress. If we are fluent in a language (commonly English), qualified in our core area of expertise, proficient in time-management and intellectually capable of undertaking the problem-solving methodology of work then we are categorized as ‘professionals’.

This does not mean we are adept in communication! As we grow our careers, we need to imbibe and practice repeatedly specific communication techniques and styles in order to ensure we engage the respective target audience.

Leadership and communication

The picture above shows our communication requirements at various points of our career. The demand on our communication abilities increase exponentially us as we move into senior roles.

This is a must-have skill in order for the organisation brand to be able to, effectively, engage with its various stakeholders both in the front-line as well as internally.

Now how do we ensure that rank and file is able to communicate effectively? It comes back to  culture . The work culture that’s in place will impact on an executive’s ability to communicate effectively. The culture impacts the executive in two ways– one, does the executive fit in; the other– is the leadership providing effective examples or showing through their communication styles how to do it.

Bottom-line is, if we are looking for efficient and effective communication to take place within an organisation, a culture of trust & empowerment has to be created. Executives need to feel they are trusted and empowered for the decisions they make. In other words it’s being authentic. A work atmosphere of authenticity, honesty & frankness, goes a long way in relaxing people’s natural mental guards and helps in bringing our their own personality. This then allows one to speak freely without the freedom of being judged or the fear of some form of punishment if they make a mistake.

Is it possible for us to work towards such working atmosphere or is it a utopian thought?