Selling Islamic Finance to Non-Muslims

Co-authored with Alun Williams

My day job is managing the brand footprint for an educational institution that specialises in providing Islamic Finance education and in being the knowledge leader in the industry. It is the only one of its kind (so far) globally. In delivering the requirements of my day job, one key aspect is the conversations we have with our various stakeholders. These conversations are our pulse to the mental make-up and need of students interested in higher education and a career in Islamic Finance; of the industry captains who are looking at profitability and sustainability; of regulatory bodies who are attempting to pave the way for the global Islamic Finance industry to be part and parcel of the global financial industry.

Given the developments in the global Islamic finance industry in the past year and having just attended the global Islamic economy summit I was perusing some of my old interviews and research. Here’s is one that Alun & I did way back in  January 2011 which is still very relevant from the lack of global market research in the retail Islamic finance space: