Strategic Clarity & Communication are Two Must-Have Skills for being an Astute Leader

Clairty 1

At the top it’s cold and lonely. Does it have to be so? No. Provided, as a leader, you are adaptive and able to listen and tune-in to the messages your eco-system is sending you.

For those of us who come from the baby-boomer generation, do you remember trying to tune a radio to just the right frequency, in order to be able to hear the sports commentary or the music clearly? And for my millennial friends do you recall trying to hone down your search keywords in order to get the right information on the web?

What we are doing is ‘listening’. Whether we use our sense of hearing or vision to sort out words, the one thing that stands out is the ability to listen in order to have clarity on what’s out there.

As a leader, listening is a critical skill that one must have, in order to be able to exert social influence. To be able to listen the basic ground rules of “engagement” come into play i.e. allow the person to speak; listen attentively; hone in on the key issue; respond and engage.

To be a good listener, one must have full strategic clarity. What does that mean?

It means knowing your business purpose 100% and ensuring that there is a clearly defined & articulated ‘value proposition’ being placed on the table.

Having strategic clarity requires vision i.e. the ability to connect today’s dots to tomorrow’s business returns. Coupled with this comes the ability to dumb down lofty ideals into specific goals. Together the vision and goals then need to be communicated, simply & easily, to the brands’ eco-system internally and externally, in order to energize and have engagement.

The great leaders we all know had these two skills and those who didn’t worked at developing them in order to be great leaders.

So if you are in a leadership position and aspiring to be a great leader take a pulse check with your team and your environment about how you are “received” with regards to clarity of thought and communication. Let me assure you the findings would amaze you!