Are work meetings necessary?

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Being in the end stretch of the financial year, with the usual budget, business planning, appraisal meetings in addition to the regular work function meetings, I had noticed how much of productive functional time is wasted in preparing and attending these meetings. Frankly, Dilbert’s pretty near to how meetings usually end up!

Anyways, having this thought top of mind, I was looking through some of my leadership reading subscriptions when I got the following article in Forbes. As I read it the thought that came into my head was —” Awesome! How cool it would be if we could actually get key periods of time to work without having meetings to bother about”!

But then the question I ask myself– “Do we have the emotional maturity to manage our work without having meetings?”

Here’s the full article for your reading and I’d be delighted to have an exchange of thoughts here:

Why Our Company Has Eliminated Meetings

By the way, after reading do scroll down (at the end of the article in Forbes) and spend a minute on the comments given and share your opinion and thoughts here on Benefit Point.