Leadership Conciousness

visual courtesy www.govloop.com
visual courtesy http://www.govloop.com

The following post is an article by Mr. Rajeev Peshawaria–CEO of The Iclif Leadership & Governance Center  which appeared in Forbes on Oct 23. I’m sharing an extract here for the benefit of Benefit Point readers to highlight how important it is for us to be aware and recognise the stage of leadership we are in, in order to be willing to learn, change and implement behaviours that impact the teams we lead.

Leadership Consciousness

For almost twenty years, my work has given me the opportunity to help people who want to live and lead at a higher level.  Every week my colleagues and I at The Iclif Leadership & Governance Center (www.iclif.org) have the privilege to meet a new set of people in our programs, seminars and research work.  Our participants are professionals working in large and small companies, civil servants, and entrepreneurs from around the world. While their professional, ethnic and personal backgrounds are very different, we help them to identify the existential level at which they are living, and help clarify for them their highest option. The three levels at which people most commonly exist are:  Jungle Existence, Duty Trap, or Duty Ethic.  Let me briefly describe what I mean by these labels, , and then paint a picture of a fourth level rarely experienced but that  brings true success, happiness and meaning to life.

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