Why your personal brand is dying on Linked in?

By Hilton Barbour

Of all the brand conversations I have on this blog, the one I don’t discuss often enough is Brand You. The one brand, I’d argue, that you have more control over than any other.

It is unlikely you’ll lose your personal brand in a worldwide realignment or that the CMO of Brand You will suddenly be fired. So now that I’ve tortured that metaphor, let me put this out there – each day I’m confronted by folks who have recklessly abandoned their most prized asset – their personal brand. Abandoned in a market, despite what Washington or Ottawa says, that has millions of competing “personal brands” vying for attention. Abandoned in a very public, highly visible and very unforgiving way.

I’m talking, of course, about how you market your brand on LinkedIn. The place where “over 150 million professionals exchange information, ideas and opportunities”.

Play a little game with me called “Would I buy Brand You?” – warning more tortured metaphors ahead.

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