What I Am Thankful For

Article by Ashish Rajadhyaksha at  Entreprenuership Central

This being a Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, we all should be thankful for being alive, for given an opportunity to be put on this earth by God and our parents to do something meaningful with our time here, and to our friends and families who support us and give us strength to forge ahead in our often confusing and turbulent journey.

But I’m also thankful for the following reasons:


  1. Have Freedom to think, create things and start a business:  People may agree or disagree with U.S. Politics and Foreign Policies, but no one can question the freedom, opportunities and ease of doing business and making a life for yourself and your family here.  No wonder people have been coming to the United States in search of better life for themselves!  This system is certainly not perfect as we’ve seen with the Real Estate Collapse and resulting Occupy Wall Street protests.  But despite the hardships we’ve had to overcome as first generation immigrants and entrepreneurs here, I and many of my fellow immigrants can personally vouch for all the wonderful opportunities this country has given us including scholarships, loans and other assistance to get a wonderful education and start a business of our own, in addition to making us feel welcome here, and build great personal and business relationships.
  2. Being in a world where people, ideas and success are accessible:  During these difficult political and economic times, it becomes natural for people and economies to become insular and blame others for problems and issues that plague us.  But we also need to remember the progress we’ve made over the past 60 years since WWII because of more open markets for land, labor, capital and enterprise.  It certainly has caused disruption and upheaval for some, but most of us have benefited from the global access and will continue to do so if political leaders globally get their act together as they did in the more hopeful 1990’s.
  3. Technology and Connectivity:  Because of technology and great connectivity, we can connect with new, like minded people across the globe on Linked-In, post jobs on Craigslist, raise funds on Kickstarter, download songs on I-Tunes, charge credit cards on our smart phones, watch thrilling 3D movies in theaters, write blogs on topics we’re passionate about, and so many other wonderful things have started happening around us.4.  Our Curious Mind:  We’re so fortunate to have a complex mechanism inside our bodies called the brain.  It helps us, actually forces us in some ways to reach out and absorb new information every day from the things we read, images we see, plots we uncover.  Although having a human brain has made the Darwinian theory of “Survival of the Fittest” come true, it has also unleashed creativity and imagination in us.  When you watch movies like Avatar, Hugo, Tin Tin in 3D, you realize how powerful human mind actually is, and how we’ve progressed from the early days of silent films to really cutting edge cinema now.

    5. Young People with New Ideas:  Progress will not happen without customary pushes and pulls that come with it naturally.  As new ideas come into being, they cause displacement and disruption; they always have and they always will.  So those who don’t adapt will get left behind, but those who change and embrace new concepts, skills and talents will enjoy longevity of their careers and general happiness.  We cannot take anything for granted, so we need to take charge of our careers, retirement planning and asset planning, and need young people around us to keep us motivated and constantly learning new ideas and tools

    6.     Time:  Nothing in our life is constant, but passage of time.  Either we think of it as us losing time (this is sad!) or gaining time to make a bucket list and do things that we really want to accomplish before our time is up.  Neither good days last forever nor do bad days, but in a way that gives us hope that all of our problems will work themselves out at some point if we apply ourselves and go about our business systematically with courage, knowledge, solid relationships, and an open mind.

With all these ingredients in place, the world is our oyster for all those entrepreneurs and daring people with creativity, courage and wherewithal to withstand all the pressures and systemic issues that we all need to deal with to make it a better life for ourselves and our families.  We need to acknowledge that throughout history there have been challenges, problems, risks, wars, systematic oppression & suppression and all those factors that would typically hold us behind, but all those explorers, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, generals, leaders, artists have shown us the light that better days are yet to come!

So Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and Lets Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive!!!