Do You Listen?

A just concluded mid-year business review brought home to me that for many organisations   getting to the business goal is a process.  A process that’s been in place for some time and has delivered the results.

But have we evaluated that process by taking on board suggestions, comments, ideas that the team has been saying? Have we been listening?

Most of the times (if not always), the senior team desires a good outcome and “executes” activities that they believe will help them get to their goal. Note the emphasis on “executes”! The strategy development process and deliberation on strategy and scenario planning get left out in the eternal rush of execution.

They can’t seem to hear the advice that will help them get to their goal in a strategically planned way. Environmental pressures, legislation, competition etc all add to the rush to simply do ‘something’! As a result the activities become ad hoc and lack direction and end up being akin to “shooting in the dark”.

Can there possibly be a change in this existing pattern of thinking and approach ?

Perhaps there is.


1.  Approaching the issues simplistically and listening to find the most appropriate solution.

2. Being open minded and receptive to listen to new ideas and kick those around. Not kick them out!

3. Bringing the right attitude to the table.
People caught up in the “No. It’s not possible” line of thinking mistakenly think that having done the same process for years, it will still deliver and no change is needed. Unfortunately, this is a disguised form of negativity. And negativity sabotages the chance for success by keeping the team from seeking a solution. It creates an extremely unhealthy environment which in turn simply kills the process of ideation and thus any innovative approaches.

Having the right attitude i.e. being  willing and able to listen, discuss and evaluate simplistic, cross industry practices and strategic options that could enable growth and profitability would lead to an organisation having a motivated, passionate, engaged and objective oriented team of high performers who would be iconic brand ambassadors for the organisation simply through the delivery of their day-to-day activities when in contact with the stakeholders.


One thought on “Do You Listen?

  1. Listening skill, consistent practice in patience and effective evaluation are part of skill package in communication.These are highly needed in team setting, collaboration work and in strategic execution.
    Perhaps regular training and coaching in this sector be an important requisite in any planning and execution work.


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