New Leadership At INCEIF

Daud Vicary Abdullah has taken charge at INCEIF and has clearly set about establishing the role INCEIF would play in the Islamic Finance Industry.


5 thoughts on “New Leadership At INCEIF

  1. Bilal Khan says:

    Salaam Br. Joy,

    Thank you for passing on Daud’s reply and for your cordial facilitation in all matters. I also appreciate Daud’s tireless efforts in this venture.

    Warm regards,


  2. Michael says:


    In having the pleasure to view and hear Daud’s comments, I wish to thank you for sharing them with others. As a past observer of his insight and perspectives, I am confident his new style and direction of leadership will elevate the INCEIF to a status it deserves with many benefiting from his guidance.

    It is encouraging for those who are an outsider to IF to have a respectful and qualified source of information and reference going forward. My best wish to both of you for future success.

    Kind regards,

  3. Bilal Khan says:


    It is extremely pleasing to see the passion, power and profile you bring to INCEIF which is a unique project for the industry. I strongly believe that the industry will greatly avail of your focus and direction.

    As I have previously proposed, there is a need for establishing a ‘think tank’ under your chairmanship which meets biannually to have a rational discourse and a consensus ad idem. I am really appreciative of the fact that you will take up this matter with the INCEIF Management Committee as well as ISRA.

    I am more than happy to play any role in making this a great success story and look forward to working with you for many years to come.

    Warm regards,


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