My Business Concept Looks Good, Now How Do I Get Going?

Article By: Ashish Rajadhyaksha

This Article is the 2nd in a Series of 3 Articles on “How to Launch Your Own Business?”

Starting a new business is an emotionally, physically and financially demanding journey that one takes due to various reasons.  For some it’s a family obligation, while for others it could be a journey towards financial and professional independence and control.  Whatever the reason may be, it’s important for an entrepreneur to embark on this journey with proper homework and knowledge in place.  For every famous entrepreneur such as Dhirubhai Ambani of Reliance Industries of India or Bill Gatesof Microsoft for whom it wasn’t necessary to finish college to become enormously successful, there’re countless examples of entrepreneurs who could’ve steered their sinking ship with a little bit of extra training and systems.

So education, training and planning aren’t pre-requisites for a successful business, but they surely help!  In the first part of the “How to Launch Your Own Business” Series, we looked at different types of entrepreneurs, their motivations in starting a business, and reviewed the simple Business Concept Template that helps crystallize thoughts, and creates a foundation for writing a formal business plan that any entrepreneur would later need to get meaningful funding from family & friends, banks, VC’s or anyone else who is interested in the concept.

In this second part of the above-mentioned series, we’ll review various facets of the first Planning Stage of any businesses’ life-cycle; later stages of Building Stage, Running Stage and Future Stage, respectively, are beyond the scope of this article series.  

In the initial Planning Stage, an entrepreneur and his or her team needs to accomplish market research, business strategy and brand positioning outlines, figure out an appropriate corporate name and tax structure, sources & uses of funds, start hiring of competent staff, comply with all the startup regulatory/statutory requirements, plan the sales & marketing program, along with many other concurrent strategic and operational tasks.

Following are some of the key online resources available to help new U.S. entrepreneurs Get Going on their journey with an inventory checklist.  Overseas entrepreneurs may use these as a starting point to figure out appropriate contact points in their jurisdictions.

Planning Stage:

Concept →   ◊ Market Research  ◊ Mentor Advisement  ◊ Business Strategy & Plan Preparation  ▪  ▪  ▪  ▪  ▪ Family & Friends  ▪ Focus Groups

Business Name & Structure →  ◊  Business Structure (Whether Non- Profit, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation?)  ◊ Build or Buy (New Concept, Buy Existing, License or Franchise?)  ▪  ▪

▪ Family & Friends  ▪ and for real estate brokers  ▪ & www.chamber.comfor storage facilities, equipment suppliers, etc.

Finance & Accounting →  ◊ Self & Family ◊ Loans  ◊ Seed/VC  ◊ Accountant Hiring  ▪ ▪ for Federal Tax ID#  ▪  ▪

Human Resource Management   ◊ Management ◊ Staff Search ◊ Employee Benefits  ▪  ▪  ▪ payroll  ▪

Legal   & Compliance   ◊ Insurance (General Liability, Workmen’s Compensation, Disability Insurance, Unemployment Insurance) ◊ Leases, Permits & Licenses ◊ Intellectual Property  ▪  ▪  ▪  ▪  ▪   ▪  www.nj.govand sales tax application, permits & licenses by type of business  ▪ www.uspto.govfor patents, trademarks & copyrights

Sales & Marketing Strategy  ◊ Website  ◊ Sales Leads  ◊ Mailing Lists  ◊ PR & Launch  ▪ for promo materials ▪ webhosting plans  ▪ for credit card processing  ▪ to list any hand-made products ▪,,, and for online mktg, ads and social media marketing  ▪ & for Government contracts

Operations ◊ Equipment  ◊ Facilities  for various operational resources  ▪ & www.chamber.comfor storage facilities, equipment suppliers, etc.



3 thoughts on “My Business Concept Looks Good, Now How Do I Get Going?

  1. Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation is your trade mark – I hope we get more insider – in depth personal experience shared and related info in the next installment?


    1. Hello Reinier,

      Thanks very much for your feedback. I had written about my personal experience the previous week to break the article series. So next and final installment in 2 weeks will deal with financing, analyzing debt capacity, collateral issues, etc. that would be important in the current difficult environment.

      Will certainly write about my own journey and work updates from time to time.

      Happy Entrepreneurship and Job Creation!



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