Are You Penalised For Working Effectively?

Performance Evaluation

Continuing from the theme of human resource being the single most effective resource for an organisation (ref post here) here’s a post on a recent eye-opener on this issue.

At a gathering of some (ex advertising industry) colleagues and friends the topic of discussion veered towards performance and rewards. Examples from individuals own experiences were being shared and during the conversation an astonishing fact came to light.

We were discussing why bosses or senior managers were, in a way, afraid to reward performance. On one hand they selected the performers well in terms of leadership and capabilities and knew that the people selected would deliver and deliver effectively on the job. Yet, when it came to rewarding the same people instead of providing necessary resources for these team leaders to provide growth (for the organisation) they continued to pile on more restraints.

As the conversation veered around towards ‘management practices’ and statements such as–” does effective performance ever get rewarded”– were being bandied about, a colleague hauled up (on the Blackberry) an article that had been recently published in a leading newspaper in Malaysia.

Here’s the  real life story that was published and that leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to rewarding performance.