Career Changing Tips

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We often see people want to opt for a different field or start a new career. There might be multiple reasons behind it. For e.g. when people are not satisfied with their current job roles; compensation etc and when they don’t foresee much scope or growth opportunities in their current fields, they start thinking of changing their respective careers.

However, it is extremely essential to do self assessment and analysis of the different fields before making any decision. Besides, gaining some technical expertise before entering a new field is equally imperative and a person should consider all these and other possibilities that might be involved in such decisions.

My question is what tips would you give to the people who want to start a new career that can assist them in avoiding potential hassles? Furthermore, highlight the probable risks that are involved during such a transition?

The responses to this query and the discussion (in Linked In) can be read in detail here


One thought on “Career Changing Tips

  1. I have also faced the critical situation.I have adopt the profession of education last four years but i am not satisfy to my profession.So i give up my profession and decided to join seo company.Its woks is quite different for me.I advise or consult the people who want to wish to adopt a new profession it is necessary for them they should knows the basics of that profession.


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