Come To A Promise Together

Compromise, according to Wikipedia, is to make a deal where one person gives up part of his or her demand.  In business, compromise is the concept of finding agreement through mutual acceptance of terms (often the toughest point to achieve in negotiations).

Whilst its easier said than done, at times, what we do not realise is that we are (perhaps unknowingly) compromising always in order to move things alongs. Be it business relationships, work relationships or personal relationships.

It’s no wonder therefore that at times we tend to overlook or even not know the actual “intent’ or purpose of the word.


Whilst the Wikipedia English language meaning is (up) there. From the perspective of having effective, beneficial and (most importantly) sustainable business relations (here’s how I see) Come+promise”:

“Coming to a Promise Together”

Come= i.e. approach- signifies openness and a willingness to listen and evaluate the options in terms of benefits and value.
Promise= i.e. agreement–>based on word of honor

Compromise, if looked at in this manner, turns from being a ‘negative’ or ‘defeat’ oriented term to one of ‘positivity’ and forward-looking.  This affects one’s perception (specially) in a negotiating scenario(for example) as the approach would be to evaluate the options on hand from the point of view of benefits for all stakeholders i.e. looking to “come to a promise” that’s beneficial to all.Thus, the option selected would be the best possible solution, or Compromise, arrived at.

Used in this manner, Comprise,clearly communicates  the transparency of an organisation’s intent in ensuring value benefit, through action, and thus leads to securing trust with employees and external stakeholders.