Can Halal Be Mainstream?

Mainstream Or Niche?

3:00PM—In the lounge of a 5 star hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur a discussion is raging.
The issue?

Can a halal certified brand become a mainstream brand?

This scenario is (slowly but surely) occurring in most cities globally, as today’s consumers are seeking basic values from brands and their organisations. Values such as honesty, transparency, community benefit and purity, that are inherent in the Shari’ah.
Some amount of available research (in the public domain) and some that’s customised (and that this author has had the priviledge of being consulted on as well as provide analysis) clearly show not just the global Muslim consumers but other consumer segments are seeking these values and if brands communicate (and, of course, live these values) there is a very good opportunity for halal certified brands to go mainstream and thus be a profitable revenue source.

This recent article—Badge of Honor details excellently how consumers  are desiring realness and authenticity in brands and increasingly seeking alternative options to mainstream brands. Quoting the article—‘Halalism’ is no longer just about Shari’ah- compliance. It has gradually evolved as a brand philosophy representing a set of values.”

Having just a halal logo is no longer proving enough. More and more companies are looking at how to be ‘fully Halal’ in everything they do – right from supply chain and product development, through to financing, marketing and communications.

Whilst the first global halal index is introduced and talks of a, probable, global standards keep mulling about at the WHF (World Halal Forum in KL) what’s important is to see action in terms of availability of financing (for SME’s primarily) and clear global standards in sectors such as hospitality, tourism, cosmetics and fashion.

With specific global standards made available (and more importantly, agreed too, and enforced across borders) the probability of a halal brand being accepted in the mainstream would increase exponentially.


2 thoughts on “Can Halal Be Mainstream?

  1. Halal IS mainstream – it should be stated as a FACT, rather than a question – in order to be mainstream, just position yourself as such …

    And indeed, people start wondering : I have an Islamic bank account and I eat Halal … what MORE …. things will grow organically

    HALAL food / health certification is already growing out of the ‘local’ jurisdictions and going from regional to global

    And soon the screening ratios of Dow Jones will look like historical artifacts belonging in musea … where they actually belong …


  2. There has to be a global value and a global set of standards in my view. The WHF earlier today was starting to address this with the announcement of their Halal Index with hompson reuters. Listiing will provide some exclusivity and companies will want to wear the badge with pride and the public will want to know what the badge represents and align it with what they value. So goes the theory. So lets try it in relaity and get this Halal Industry and the IF industry working together and starting to punch its weight!


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