Muslim Branding– Myth or Reality

I had the privilege of speakin at the OIC‘s  (Organisation of Islamic Countries) World Business Conference  that was held by the OIC’s international business development unit in June 2011, on the topic of “Muslim Branding.

The forum consisted of academicians, entrepreneurs, professionals,  and business organisations who had come together with the sole intention of developing cross-border business. Amongst the two-day conference topics was this topic of mine–“Muslim Branding–Myth or Reality”.

The importance of branding in ensuring business growth cannot be highlighted enough. More so, when it’s for the global muslim community there are key areas that need to be kept in mind and approached judiciously within the parameters of Halal & Shari’ah.


2 thoughts on “Muslim Branding– Myth or Reality

  1. very interesting Joy bai,

    and informative 2!

    do you have any video clips of your presentation that will add even better impact.

    we have created lots of forums but aren’t talking and engaging effectively. I think, if we want ourselves to be heard than we need to “say Takbeer together” loudly.

    as you highlighted….

    We need to listen and engage with our YOUth in strategy planning as they are the main stakeholders of brand creation and consumption, am I right?

    Think WITH then NOT FOR them.



  2. I find this eye opening and hope that it will make many more see that the label ‘Muslim Branding’ is not merely a label translated from conventional practices, and what Syariah Complilant truly is. I look forward to more sessions from Joy in the near future.


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