Do you have the “Edge” in Emerging Markets?

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Business sustainability by providing community value

Following up my earlier post on sustainable business I was searching for some current examples and found the following on Harvard Business Review’s video blog. HBR carried this excellent (I found it to be very telling) interview of Matt Eyring, president of Innosight. Matt speaks of how multi-nationals organisations, moving into emerging markets (such as India) need to re-think their business models from ground-up instead of simply tweaking their existing model and hoping to be successful. In other words (or rather quoting Matt) the multi-nationals need to clearly identify the “value proposition” for the local market customer and develop a business model that’s effective in that market and delivers on long-term sustainability.

The examples demonstrated in this interview say it all and show how, by identifying the value (to the community), businesses can have sustainable and profitable enterprises.

A New Model for Emerging Markets (Please click on this link to view the interview. It will open on a new tab)

For more on developing sustainable business models in emerging markets please view
the “New Business Models in Emerging Markets article in HBR by Matthew J. Eyring, Mark W. Johnson, and Hari Nair.


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    1. Absolutely in agreement. Knowing what your market needs are and customising the product or service offer in order to ensure a clear benefit leads to establishment of trust. Trust in turn leads to profitability.


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